FORT MYERS, FLA. – This went on Twitter earlier Wednesday, but I figured the scene was worth repeating:

Torii Hunter showed up Tuesday for the informal, low-key workouts that a few major leaguers and a larger number of minor leaguers have been holding on mornings on the minor league fields.

I was told by a civilian who is at those fields every day that within 15 minutes, Torii was off to the side, showing Kennys Vargas what he might doing wrong with his right-handed swing, and then he was with this minor leaguer and that minor leaguer.

On Wednesday, Aaron Hicks joined the early arrivers in Fort Myers. Hunter and Hicks took batting practice, shagged fly balls and walked off the field together, stopping in the dugout to grab their bats.

Hicks looked larger in the shoulders last season and he looks larger still now. I pointed toward Hicks and made a gesture to Hunter taking note of Hicks' muscular upper body.

"Steroids!'' Hunter hollered. "I'm turning him in.''

Hicks shook his head in a "I don't believe this guy'' manner and kept on collecting his lumber.

And I had this immediate thought: As a very young player from the low minors, Hunter saw Kirby Puckett in action in a spring training clubhouse. And right then, he received a tutorial on clubhouse agitating from the best.

Now that Torii is 39, and winding things down, Hicks, Byron Buxton and every other young guy who will be in major league camp best be ready for it:

Torii's back and so will be agitation in the Twins' spring training. There will be laughter – laughter! – again in the clubhouse.