Residents of the Land of 10,000 Lakes take their water recreation seriously. Cabin life is practically religion, and Minnesotans invented water skiing, for goodness sake.

So, the fact that the Tarzan Boat was created somewhere other than Minnesota is a travesty.

What is the Tarzan Boat, you ask? Only the most epic double trampoline-rope swing-slide-raft contraption ever.

The monstrosity, which was created by a team who aren't afraid to dream big, is already making waves online, thanks to a video that has quickly gone viral.

And it was invented — in Tennessee? A travesty.

The raft, which costs $63,700, is suggested for use by resorts, marinas, camps and parks, resorts — or the coolest family ever.

The Tarzan Boat can be packed and shipped in large pieces, or it can be installed on site by the seller. The typical turn-around time on an order is eight weeks, according to the company website.

For those who think the structure looks like the most dangerous thing ever, includes all kinds of information about safe use, insurance, safety training and such.

As Labor Day approaches, start saving up your pennies and hit replay on the video one more time to help you cope with thoughts of the upcoming winter.

Colleen Kelly • @onecolleen