Odd statistic of the day: When Michael Cuddyer has been the team's starting first baseman over the past two seasons and has played the entire game at that position -- which essentially means Justin Morneau didn't play in any of those games -- the Twins are 38-20.

This does not mean the Twins don't need Morneau. Not even close. He's a former MVP who was having an MVP-caliber season when he went down this year.

It is simply an acknowledgment that being able to slide Cuddy into that spot (he's a .301 career hitter as a first baseman, by the way) and fill in behind him in the outfield has been absolutely critical to the Twins' ability to both make the playoffs last season (23-9 with Cuddyer at first base, including 16-4 in the final 20 games of the season) and stay in the race this year (15-11 overall with him at first, including 13-3 in the past 16, which coincided with his 15-game hitting streak that ended Sunday).

That sentiment is probably obvious. But we were still a little overwhelmed by the 38-20 mark when we looked it up today. Clearly it's not all Cuddy. Starting pitching sure helps. But he is a key to that record without a doubt.