Q: Can you please tell me what happened to “The Twilight Zone” and “The Invaders,” two of my favorite shows, and to Roy Thinnes and Rod Serling. I read that Jordan Peele is taking over “The Twilight Zone.” Is this true?

A: “The Twilight Zone” has had many incarnations, even though host, narrator and driving force Rod Serling died in 1975. The most recent version, done for streaming service CBS All Access, has had Jordan Peele as host and an executive producer for two seasons so far. That follows the original, Serling-hosted series in 1959-65, the big-screen movie adaptation in 1983 (notorious for an accident that killed three cast members), and several previous TV revivals. By the way, CBS All Access has the Serling original as well as the new Peele episodes.

“The Invaders” originally aired on ABC in 1967-68 and starred Roy Thinnes as a man trying to prove there were aliens disguised as humans on Earth; he reprised the role in a 1995 “Invaders” miniseries. Now 82 years old, Thinnes is reportedly retired from acting; his screen credits ended more than a decade ago. You can see more about him at roythinnes.com.


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