The lines were long, but patient passengers were moving smoothly through security on pace Saturday at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

The Transportation Safety Administration warned of "additional screening measures" as a result of a Christmas Day passenger's failed attempt to set off an incendiary device on a Northwest flight from Amsterdam as it landed in Detroit. But a spokesman for the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport said there were no changes in the local screening process, although officials did increase the presence of police officers and bomb-sniffing dogs.

"They've been running it through pretty fast," said Kristen Nelson Sella, 34, while waiting to go through security with her family on her way home to Tallahassee, Fla.

Her husband, Chris, 37, said he'd heard about the Detroit incident but wasn't too worried. "It's just some idiot," he said.

Airport spokesman Patrick Hogan said the Minnesota "screening process has not changed." Passengers, he said, may notice more police officers and dogs at the airport. Still, he said, passengers may want to leave extra time if they plan to travel Sunday, one of the busier travel times of the year.

Frequent international traveler Scott Schone, 48, did notice a security change on his flight from Costa Rica to Atlanta -- passengers were told they could not move about the cabin during the last hour of the flight.

"Everybody had to stay in their seats," said Schone, who lives in Minneapolis but spends most of his time traveling to Costa Rica and Brazil as a human resources manager for a medical device company. "I thought that was pretty strict." He said he detected no security changes on his flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis.