In the past calendar year, the Vikings have fired their offensive line coach (Jeff Davidson), lost left tackle Matt Kalil to injured reserve and seen offensive coordinator Norv Turner resign. And now they will bring in kickers Tuesday who could replace Blair Walsh.

If all of those guys are indeed missing when Minnesota takes the field Sunday at Washington, you have to wonder: who are fans going to blame if the Vikings lose again?

The offensive line was a convenient (and correct) target last season, but Tony Sparano was supposed to fix it. That hasn't happened, nor have things improved without Kalil. The offense looked a little more lively against the Lions, but 16 points in Pat Shurmur's debut is no cause for celebration. The kicking game has been a mess, but Walsh is far from the Vikings' only problem.

Fans will have to refocus their rage. I have full confidence in their ability to do so.

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