A pothole in Toronto got a new life as a vegetable garden this summer after area residents grew weary of waiting for the city to repair it. The hole, which is several feet deep, had been expanding for months, neighbors said. So they filled it with tomato plants, which are now ripening and getting so tall they require wire cages for support. Now, "It's sort of, like, become the community garden," resident Bryan Link told Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio. Finally, Mayor John Tory has agreed to not only fill the pothole, but to move the tomato plants to a community garden.

Brawl on the links

In Plymouth, Mass., on Aug. 17, a friendly game at Southers Marsh Golf Club turned ugly when Derek Harkins, 46, and an unnamed 57-year-old man got into a brawl on the 18th hole. The Patriot Ledger reported that Harkins pointedly ended the fight by biting off the other man's finger up to the knuckle, according to Plymouth Police Chief Michael Botieri. The victim was taken to a hospital, but his finger could not be reattached. Harkins was arrested at the scene.

Weird science

United Press International reported that a 42-year-old British woman saw her eye doctor after experiencing swelling and drooping of her eyelid earlier this year. After performing an MRI, doctors discovered a cyst and performed surgery, during which they found a hard contact lens embedded in the eyelid. It turns out that the patient had suffered a blow to the eye 28 years ago and had assumed the lens fell out. She experienced no symptoms until the recent discomfort.

Annoying neighbor

After 16 years, neighbors of "Eva N." in Sturovo, Slovakia, have gotten relief from her particular brand of torment, reported the BBC. From morning until night, the woman had played a four-minute aria from Giuseppe Verdi's "La Traviata" over and over, with her speakers on full blast. "The whole street is suffering," complained one resident. At first, the music lover played the music to drown out a neighbor's barking dog, but continued the practice until Aug. 6, when she was arrested for harassment and malicious persecution.

Unexpected hazard

An unnamed Irish teenager's outing became fodder for any number of bad punsters after the boy was hit by a falling sheep while hiking in Northern Ireland's Mourne Mountains. The sheep fell from a crag on Aug. 17 and landed on the boy, who was treated for potential injuries to his head, neck, back, abdomen and leg. "It is believed the sheep was uninjured and left the scene unaided," reported Metro News. Punny comments on a social media post made by the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team included: "Mutton been looking where he was going, I bet he's feeling a little sheepish now" and "Ewe want to be careful on the mountains!!"


Moses Lanham, 57, fell 18 feet from a rope in gym class when he was 14 years old. As a result, the Michigan man is now known as "Mr. Elastic." Lanham has double cartilage and extra tissue in his knee joints, hips and ankles, which makes it possible for him to turn his feet 180 degrees backward and walk. In fact, he tells Metro News, walking with his feet pointed behind him is more comfortable than walking normally. "I've heard one other [person] can turn his feet, but not walk," Lanham said. "When I perform this in front of people, I love the reactions. One time, I actually had a person throw up after I turned my feet around."

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