Those temporary storage pods were becoming a permanent fixture in some New Hope neighborhoods.

Now, acting on neighbor complaints, the City Council has placed time and location limits on them.

“People don’t like the way they look and wondered why they were allowed to be placed in the front of property,” said Aaron Chirpich, community development specialist. “We regulate other things, including boats and RVs that have the same aesthetics complaints as the pods. We also regulate where sheds go on the property. It made sense we would have some sort of ordinance in place to regulate them.”

Under the new rules, residents can have a portable storage unit on their property for no more than 30 consecutive days. Residents with an active building permit can have a portable storage unit for up to 90 days. Bins must be placed 15 feet from the curb and at least 5 feet from the lot line.

The goal is to prevent residents from using them like a permanent shed.