Are you mad because you entered a stellar prediction/excitement for the 2018 Minnesota United season to be featured in the paper, and I scorned you? Well, good news! Space is unlimited on the Internet, so here are all the tweets I received (I was truly overwhelmed by the response, so thank you so much to everyone for participating!).

Read what your fellow fans have to say and weep (Also, I did minimal proofreading of these so SIC to everything. And this is in no particular order except how I happened to copy/paste. If I missed any, that's on me my b.):

Amped for the new season to start. A bit apprehensive for what we will see on the field but looking forward to chanting at the top of my lungs with the dark clouds. I love the welcoming and inclusive supporter culture we have created here and hope it continues to grow! #MNUFC
The women are here but we don’t need to make predictions. We believe in our boys. Love me some loons!
I predict that we'll struggle more than last year.  Didn't see any signings that I'm excited about and WHERE IS KALLMAN???  Also, excited to be out of TCF and into our new stadium after this season.
I’ll be watching the goal differential to see if it ends up better than last year. I’m predicting it will be and that it will be negative but single digit 🤞🏽
I don't really have predictions. I don't have much confidence in coach Heath, and I'm afraid we're going to lose Ibarra and Kallman - and possibly Ramirez - because he doesn't appreciate US and especially former NASL players. That said, I love MNUFC and will support them for my 11th year as a season ticket holder.
I predict that we will have at least one Loon in the MLS star game and that my beautiful spouse will let my son and I head to ATL to cheer for our Loons :)
I predict the roster for our last game day of the season will have about one player in common with our opening roster.
One of my predictions for the upcoming season is a return to form for @Migue10Ibarra. He will separate himself from the rest of the clutter at left wing and become a regular starter this year after showing flashes last season. Big year for Batman, COME ON YOU LOONS! #MNUFC
I am hopeful that nudity in the supporter's section becomes an annual tradition and not just a one season thing.
They'll be better than last year, points-wise and goals allowed-wise.  But they will still miss the playoffs.
Looking forward to calling them Les Loons Indomptables now that we have some Cameroon national team players on the team.
I expect to swear in frustration as much as if not more than last year.
I'm excited to see what Ibson and Fernando can do together. 🇧🇷
The team will look significantly better, but will end up at the same place in the table because other teams also improved
I expect them to finish anywhere from 7th to 9th with 39-42 pts. 49-55 goals allowed n 40 scored.
I expect the loons will far underperform this spring but sign a Designated Player by June. He will be universally heralded as a messiah. When he doesn’t effortlessly and single-handedly deliver the team from mediocrity he will be panned in social media until my thumbs are sore.
Replace “Love” with “Loons” in Neil Young’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.” Yes, that’s a serious reply.
Expect #MNUFC to surpass last year's point total, Collin Martin to make big improvement/contribution, me to get the Loon tattooed.....somewhere.
I would expect (okay, maybe hope), that the lineup that starts Vs San Jose is a lot different that what lines up in October. Enough will happen that we will have some hope going into the first season at Allianz, but we won't make the playoffs. We'll sign one DP this summer.
I expect that we will finish last in the West...I hope that I am wrong...Go Loons! - Michael Vraney, Wausau, WI
I’ll go optimistic: one of the four draftees will become a solid starter and, like Abu, challenge for roty
- I expect the Loons to battle for the last playoff spot.
- I'm excited to be a part of the fun atmosphere at TCF again and then to say goodbye to turf.
- I predict that we sign a center mid designated player in the summer and make the playoffs.
Come June, Allianz renderings are replaced with a DP rendering. A lithe #10, with grace, vision, and power that only Stan Lee could put to paper. Single name, obviously. #coyl
I think all our opinions of Rasmus Schuller will rise, we'll trade away a couple of wings, and Omsberg will see some decent minutes in league games.
Hopefully we play the kids, sell high on Calvo after a good WC, and bet the house on signings to open the new stadium in 2019
Expectation = we challenge for the last playoff spot.
Excitement = just to be making all the noise like only we know how. Prediction = we sing “you dive like Jamie Watson” at @jamiewatson77 at least once this season the same as last season!
I'm expecting the regular season to go even worse than preseason, after two lopsided losses at San Jose and Orlando I'm already planning to bring a "HEATH OUT" sign to the home opener. #PANIC #MNUFC
Lack of offseason signings will lead to another bad season that will ultimately end with Adrian Heath taking the blame and getting fired... but hey! New stadium coming soon...
(Expectations when last season ended) More wins and competing for playoff spot. Team is more solid in back and giving up fewer fee kicks in dangerous areas. Team is ready to play minute one, and not minute 46.  (As of today?) *gulp
Not sure how long the fans will be patient with the team if they have a similar start to last year...patience for Lagos and Heath will be very fragile if that's the case.
Less than three matches where the opponents score 5 or more goals. 
More Vuvuzellas. 
Someone will write, "Yawn." in the online comments to this article.
The stadium will be louder than ever.
Adrian Heath is fired by June.
Those that hate Milwaukee shall stand up
My prediction: "Soccer will be played. Friends will be made."
PREDICTION | It'll be loud every minute of every match.
Cautiously optimistic. Just like my expectations for every Minnesota sports team.
I’m excited to be back together with my friends and fellow supporters for a new season. I’m excited every time I drive by Allianz Field. Excited to be on the road in Portland again. 
But I predict that the problems in the spine of the team will continue. Goals against will remain unacceptably high. And the honeymoon is going to end for a lot of us this year. The ambition in terms of bringing in top quality players is simply not there, and that’s going to become a problem for supporters if results don’t improve. 
Please let me be wrong. 
(Also, my view are my own and do not reflect those of any group, either TNE or the Dark Clouds)
I’m excited for the season to start and to be that much closer to the new stadium but worried that the team has not improved from last year.
Adrian Heath will be able to further develop his plans for the squad. The results will show the progress we have made and the Loons will get into the playoffs by a pinch.
Like many United fans, I’m gravely concerned with the state of the roster, and specifically the lack of clear improvement from 2017.  I don’t care much about our 2018 win-loss record.  But I do care immensely about building for future success.  I’m trying to cling to a little hope that we’ll see signs of this by year’s end, but realistically I’m expecting to be sorely disappointed.
I'm wishing for a playoff run.
I'd be satisfied with a better record than last season.
I'm fearing another rocky start and a second arduous year at TCF before heading to the new digs.
I’m excited for the team to keep building out their organization. It’ll be great to see them add more academy teams, a USL team, and maybe even an NWSL team in the future.
Though our supporters section is already credited for it's volume, energy and passion - it should be noted that we also have the best sense of humor in the league by a wide margin. #dadjokes #familyfriendlyheckling
I think that I’m excited as an out of state fan I’ll be able to watch the team on fox sports go now. I think that the team should focus on developing a young strong core nucleus this year but won’t and continue to play Ibson and Cronin primarily in the middle. I think that the community and fan base will continue to grow as excitement grows for the new stadium in 2019. I think that Omsberg steps up while Calvo is in Russia and makes a late push for ROTY with strong play.
 I'm in the army stationed in California, I'm hoping the we make the playoffs at least with our new CDM helping us a lot and we make a run
This season I believe the team will fall, much like the management this offseason, in the zone of indifference. Never seriously threatening for a playoff spot in the West while still not being a team to simply overlook. The mediocrity of the team breeds an opportunity for management to deal in the summer window, which would draw in some excitement. With the excess in wingers, I wouldn’t be surprised if this year was a shuffling year to prepare to put the best team out on the pitch at Allianz Field. 
I think the rookies will prove their worth and get valuable playing time early and often preparing the loons for the future. While the season appears less than appetizing, I think the future of the franchise is bright on and off the pitch.
I predict that I will be singing Wonderwall at Children's Mercy Park in Kansas City this season.
My prediction is it will be a tougher season with more distractions than previous years. The draw to players for the World Cup teams will be on the minds of some players, especially as a newly recognized mls team. This second season hopefully continues to personally I hope wil continue to denounce the old idea’s that #MNUFC was a for scouting team and is now a true organization of professionals with a home in Minnesota like they showed us in the last’s seasons spectacular of game play.
I’m not particularly excited about MNUFC’s moves in the off season - though many player picks have strong backgrounds and have the opportunity to be dependable players on our roster. I am incredibly excited about the growth of the club’s presence in the Twin Cities in the last year. The number of people I talk to who went to a United game for the first time last season and are genuinely excited to go again this season has most definitely grown. There is a great buzz around this team, and with a new stadium opening in 2019, I think the future is very bright, and hugely anticipated.
Looking forward to seeing what the Loons have up their sleeve this year, I hope there’s something!
I predict that this will be the year the team will announce an affiliated women's team. I mean, it better be.
I believe the players need to be more fit this season, that is on them.  It would be nice to see a full 90 and players ready to expel more.  Heath needs to realize his depth (sub when needed) and trust in the form he was bringing towards the end of last season.  15W 4T 15L
@theothermegryan I am so excited for the 2018 season!!  I think the woman fan base of #MNUFC is going to make a large impact on the season this year! 

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