The third Minneseries residency at the Nomad World Pub belongs to rapper Botzy. Every Thursday in March he’ll perform a free show with support from artists of his choosing.

His backstory: Botzy has worked on music every day since he was 21, when he decided he needed to engage with his serious appreciation for good music. His unsettling nature and disdain for writer’s block motivates him to constantly have his hands in six or seven different projects at once. His local experience ranges from work with the ska/punk/reggae/rap/rock group Culture Cry Wolf, to an electronic project called VAYNS. 

His current going-ons: He’s been focusing on cranking out as much solo work as he can while coordinating the new artist collective, Polka Dot Mayhem, which has put out a release every month for over a year. He recently released his third solo full-length, “Still Not Dead Yet,” a 21-track mammoth brimming with stylistic diversity. 

His plans for the future: Polka Dot Mayhem acquired a large warehouse space, half of which will be converted into a recording studio that should be up in the next month. The other half will house a screen-printing and graphic design studio, so keep your eyes peeled for merchandise. Botzy and electro-pop artist Bae Tigre are collaborating on a full-length record that represents the collision of two musical worlds. In between, Botzy will be working on his next full length with the Onceler.  

Our impressions: Botzy has huge ideas for Polka Dot Mayhem and thinks of the group as a family rather than a label. This hodge-podge of artists is atypical, and when you’re got a ukulele group next to an electronic artist next to an underground rapper, it’s difficult to imagine how that will go over. Because of the spirit of their tight-knit community, however, Botzy doesn’t seem to have any qualms. His productivity is impressive and his eye for talent is sharp, so if he continues to play his cards right, he could be going places. 



With: Botzy

When: 9 p.m. Thursdays in March

Where: Nomad World Pub.

Tickets: Free.