A Minneapolis man was charged Monday in connection with the disappearance and possible death of a 25-year-old woman.

Joshua Lewis Duane Dow, 31, was charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and interference with a dead body. Adelle “Addie” Jensen, also of Minneapolis and the mother of his child, was reported missing Nov. 21 by her family.

According to the complaint, Dow told police that he last saw Jensen on Nov. 18 when he went with her to Downtown Cabaret, 115 S. 4th St., along with his brother. When they left, Dow said, Jensen and he got into an argument and she refused to leave with them in the car.

Dow’s brother, however, told police that Dow said Jensen had shot herself and that Dow threatened him if he declined to help him move her body. The complaint says that the two moved her body, wrapped in plastic and carpet, to a warehouse.

Dow’s brother later took police to the warehouse to show them Jensen’s body. When they arrived the body couldn’t be found, but officers smelled what they believed to be decomposing flesh. Dow was booked on Nov. 23.

Dow told a witness that he had dismembered Jensen before she died and disposed of her body, according to the complaint.

Family members have created a GoFundMe page for a college fund for Jensen’s daughter, and are asking that anyone with information on her disappearance come forward.

On Friday, relatives and friends held a vigil for Jensen at Loring Park, where posters with the words “Bring Addie Home” showed Jensen smiling with her daughter.

Beatrice Dupuy