Last week in this space I published a packing list for boundary waters trips and similar canoeing adventures. I also asked readers to send ideas to be added to the list. Those additions appear below, followed by the original list, so readers have both to use when heading out this summer or a future summer.

First, a couple of things I forgot on my list that aren’t covered by readers’ suggestions.

Bungee cords for one. They serve many purposes around camp, and I use them to strap packs to canoe thwarts. That way, if you capsize (don’t capsize), the packs aren’t lost. I also like to bring a lightweight fishing-rod case, which protects rods while also making portaging more organized (the rod case can be strapped to a canoe’s seat and thwart using the bungee cords.) Finally: A bear-proof or similar hard-sided food pack.

Here are readers’ suggested additions to my original canoe-trip list, followed by the original list.

• Lightweight camp chairs and/or hammocks. Soft-sided cooler with shoulder straps. LL Bean reflector oven. “Potty swing” for trips into Quetico, where latrines aren’t provided. For fishing: Follow Craig Zarley’s advice (author of “Catching Canoe Country Walleyes: Quetico and Boundary Waters Jig Fishing” and other books): Bring white jigs, white Twister Tails and a minimum number of spoons and crankbaits.

Jon Erickson, St. Louis Park

• Towel. Wet wipes. Paper map in a Ziploc bag. Water bottle.

Jeff Anderson, Edina

• Rope. Clothespins.

Keith Rodli, River Falls, Wis.

• Nalgene water bottles. Portable water filter with a fill tube/plug to pump directly into water bottle. At least two sticks of sunscreen lip balm. Ziploc bags sized for electronics and camera. Collapsible camp sink (Sea to Summit brand). Option: Custom canoe pontoons, which allow canoeists to stand while fishing.

Jim Johnson, Minneapolis

• Binoculars. Bird and wildflower field guides.

Wendy Andberg, Ham Lake

• Duct tape for canoe, tarp and other repairs. Camp chair. Collapsible tarp pole. 50 feet of parachute cord — good for tying the tarp, tying the canoes down during a storm, etc. Permanent marker for marking bags of gorp, etc.

Craig Bower, Minneapolis

• Cooking kit/utensils.

Mike Ostry, Alexandria, Minn.

And the original list …

• Canoe/paddles/portage yoke.

• Duluth packs/Multiple heavy duty plastic liners.

• Life jackets/cushions

• Camp tarp.

• Swede saw.

• Axe.

• Camera.

• Flashlight/batteries.

• Collapsible water bucket/filter.

• Two compasses.

• Waterproof maps/cell phone/handheld GPS.

• Mosquito head net.

• Tent.

• Plastic ground cloth.

• Fire grate.

• First aid kit.

• Toilet paper.

• Fish net; rod (2) and reel (2); fillet knife; small tackle box.

• One pair boots.

• One pair camp shoes.

• Rain gear.

• Sunglasses.

• Mosquito lotion.

• Suntan lotion.

• Sleeping bag and pad.

• Gloves.

• Jacket/outerwear.

• Cap/knit hat.

• Pocket knife/multi-tool.

• Long underwear (seasonal).

• Matches in waterproof container/lighters.

• Toiletries.

• Change of clothes.

• Book/playing cards.