Adrian Peterson has already gone on the record stating that 2,500 yards is his goal for the 2013 season. Now he has a specific date in mind -- late in the 2017 season -- by which he expects to break Emmitt Smith's all-time rushing record.

Goals are great, and they motivated Peterson to a 2,097-yard season a year ago, when like a freak of nature he came back from a torn ACL and defied all of us.

But we're starting to worry that we're pushing AP a little too far. We keep asking him about goals, and there's no telling where he'll stop (he'd have to average 120 yards per game to reach that 2017 Smith goal, by the way).

If we keep asking him about it, could we get him up to a 3,000 yard season? Why stop there? He's 9,506 short of Smith right now. Why not do it in three seasons?

What about 25,000 career yards? Or 50 TDs in a season? Would there ever be a limit where Peterson would say, "Nah, that's just not possible?"