The first video game I ever played was Frogger on Atari, which means that 1) You can probably guess my age within a couple of years and 2) I have a soft spot in my heart, still, for Frogger (one of the greatest games ever created).

As such, the Frogger-themed game the Gophers created last week also has a soft spot in my heart. The frog is replaced by Goldy Gopher in a game called Go Gopher Go. The cars that might squish the frog in the first half of the board are replaced by TCU tacklers, and if they hit you it is a fumble and you lose your turn. And the logs on the second part are replaced by U of M-colored benches and cushions.

The object is the same: get Goldy into his designated spot five times and you win. Perhaps not coincidentally, if the Gophers find the end zone five times tonight against TCU, I like their chances.

In any event, if your chili is not yet appropriately hot for this 8 p.m. kickoff tonight, there are worse ways to get fired up and pass the time. Here's the link; go ahead and play a few times. You've earned it.