No damage was done to Donovan McNabb’s nice-guy image, except for allegedly lying, during his June arrest in Arizona on suspicion of drunken driving.

“How you doing, ma’am?” the former Vikings QB and now former NFLer can be heard asking a woman off-camera in the video that police released from that night. ESPN is reporting that McNabb had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit, in what was McNabb’s second drunken driving arrest in 18 months.

He has been suspended indefinitely from Fox Sports 1, where he has been a commentator.

One arrest is atrocious enough, but I have to wonder what is going on with Donovan McNabb these days?

During this latest arrest, which occurred after a collision, McNabb insisted he had nothing to drink that night. “I’ve got a cold. I’ve been on cough medicine. Chlorophyll. Robitussin,” said McNabb, who was sucking on a cough drop. “I’ve been really sick.”

If McNabb was that sick, what was he allegedly doing out at a sports bar? “I’m just trying to get home,” McNabb told the police officer.

McNabb was a serious family man last time I saw him at VIP Hair & Nails after he was waived by the Vikings in December 2011. He remained in the Twin Cities with his family because he had a child in the school, I seem to remember him telling me when I was trying to talk him into doing a Q&A.

National radio show host Jim Rome said McNabb had the wherewithal to “get a ride. Call Uber. Call a cab. Get a designated driver. If you’re [not going to follow any of those suggestions], stay home.”

Rome said it’s not as if McNabb is a young athlete with new money — not that that’s an excuse. “This is not some guy right out of college, who doesn’t know how to handle himself. Donovan McNabb has already had his whole career. If you think a guy going from being on that sports bar’s big screens to drinking on a bar stool is pretty lame, check out the statement he made on his radio program: ‘At this point I have no further information, and as we continue on with the situation, then we’ll let it handle as it will handle itself.’ ”

“WHAT?” asked Rome.

Yeah, it’s kind of odd to me that McNabb, who was always better spoken than the average athlete, was making more sense the night of his arrest than he did after taking time to decide what he would say on his NBC Sports Radio show, from which he has taken a voluntary leave. He meant to saying nothing, in a more coherent manner.


A real Spielberg sighting?

I’ll believe moviemaker Steven Spielberg was at the Basilica Block Party when somebody at DreamWorks confirms the sighting.

“Just met Steven Spielberg at Basilica … lol what? ‘It’s a good show,’ he reports,’ ” tweeted @jaymboller.

Did you take a photo, I tweeted to Boller, noting that it might have been the Twin Cities guy who looks like Spielberg. “I asked him straight up and he said yeah. No photo,” replied Boller.

The Minnesota Film and TV Board knew of no such appearance.

Then Tuesday I got an e-mail from Mary Fenske: “Do you know if Steven Spielberg was in town? I think we spotted him, his wife and daughter at the Basilica Block Party. Just checking with you.”

Kate Capshaw? Now, we’re in business because the local look-a-like’s wife doesn’t look like Capshaw.

Late in the process, as in Wednesday after I Instagrammed one of Spielberg’s daughters and e-mailed DreamWorks, I discovered photos Fenske sent me. No, that’s not Spielberg, but this guy looks a little like the famed director.


Globetrotters keep word

“We kept our word to each other that we were going to do this,” read a tweet with a photo of Pam Borton, CEO of an exec coaching company and former basketball coach, and Janeé Harteau, Minneapolis police chief, with the “#IncaTrail2015.”


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