You’re at the airport, luggage checked. Then the snow starts falling in earnest. No worries. Here are four things you can do at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to turn a flight delay into an opportunity.

1. Tee up for a virtual game of golf. At PGA-MSP, the first golf simulator experience at any U.S. airport, practice your game on a putting green, a virtual driving range or a variety of simulated courses. Flubbing your shots? Lessons are available, too. In Terminal 1, above Ike’s, the space also includes food, drink and Wi-Fi. Cost for the driving range starts at $20 for 15 minutes; non-playing guests pay $20 for entry (612-436-7990;

2. Plug in. Hang out in Concourse G, where you can charge devices at tables and bars, use one of the provided iPads, and order food using those iPads from the likes of local star chef Andrew Zimmern (at Minnibar) and pizza maestro Ann Kim (Vero). It’s bright, sleek and sometimes bustling. To work in quiet, head to MSP Airport Conference Center, on the mezzanine level of Terminal 1, where workstations rent for $20 an hour, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. (612-794-4500).

3. Take a walk. Stretch your legs by walking the 1.4-mile “Start!” path around Terminal 1. The trail begins at the intersection of the C and D concourses, but you can hop on at any point. Green dots on overhead signs mark the route, which is also noted on terminal directories.

4. Play hockey, no skates required. Arcade-style hockey tables at the Wild Restaurant, in Terminal 2, score big points with fliers. If you’re not busy competing or looking at hockey paraphernalia on the walls, you can gaze out onto the airfield. It makes an easy way to check conditions, even if you no longer mind that they have grounded your plane.


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