Q: My iPhone 5s is set to automatically back up to Apple’s iCloud service. But when I check my account, the only “contacts” being saved are those with a phone number. Contacts with only an e-mail address aren’t being backed up. How do I get the backup to save all my contacts?

Jack Botterbusch, Jacksonville, Fla.


A: Automatic iCloud backups of your phone don’t include e-mail contacts, or other categories of personal information such as e-mail, calendars and notes. You need to choose a separate backup location for each of those categories, one at a time. For a complete list of what iCloud’s automatic backup doesn’t routinely save, see tinyurl.com/q6bmuyh.

Since you e-mailed me using Yahoo Mail, I assume that’s what you use on your phone. To back up your contacts, tap the iPhone’s “settings” icon, choose “mail, contacts, calendars,” and select the heading for Yahoo. On the next screen, make sure your Yahoo account is selected as the place where you’d like your iPhone information saved. Then choose separately whether to have your contacts, e-mail, calendars or notes backed up to Yahoo.

This also works in reverse. If you add data to those categories on your computer, the new information shows up on your iPhone. How quickly it shows up depends on your iPhone’s settings. To see what I mean, go to “mail, contacts, calendars” and select “fetch new data.” If you select “push,” new data arrives right away. Otherwise, you can choose to update phone data every 15, 30 or 60 minutes, or only when you manually pull your finger down from the top of the screen while in contacts, e-mail, calendars or notes. Updating less often conserves battery power.


Three readers asked about features that are missing in Windows 10. Larry Miller of Paso Robles, Calif., wondered why his computer can’t find his CD-DVD drive after an upgrade to Windows 10. Byron Douglass of Eden Prairie, and Howard Arnold of Arroyo Grande, Calif., asked what software they could use to receive TV on a PC if they upgrade to Windows 10, which lacks the Windows Media Center software that handled that task.


A: Windows 10 can’t find a DVD drive because it contains no DVD-playing software. But Microsoft is offering downloadable DVD player software for Windows 10 that costs $15 (see tinyurl.com/ov8dmuh). A free alternative program is VLC media player (see tinyurl.com/4ffbj).

There are software alternatives to Windows Media Center, but check with your cable provider or your PC’s TV tuner manufacturer to see if the software is compatible with video copy-protection software that limits how some programs can be recorded.

Free programs include MediaPortal (see tinyurl.com/9zhvw and tinyurl.com/ccnhph7) and Kodi (see tinyurl.com/kvlwyo5 and tinyurl.com/ndhcbqx). There’s also the $50 JRiver MediaCenter (try it for free; see tinyurl.com/pqvwov8).


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