"If you count all your assets, you always show a profit," wrote Robert Quillen. Yep. Some days I feel frustration and exhaustion, but most days the prevailing sentiment is gratitude. I feel very lucky to have been born in this country, to parents who instilled a sense of curiosity and purpose. Whatever challenges you are facing, I hope you find time to give thanks for the many blessings in your life.

Add weather to a long list of things to be grateful for. It was a minor meteorological miracle: four pretty nice days in a row! Whew. Considering we could have been blasted by incandescent heat or hail the size of hens' eggs, we dodged a bullet.

The next couple of days will be sticky, with highs near 90 degrees and scattered thunderstorms. A cooler front arrives Friday; pop-up thunder showers can't be ruled out for Saturday later in the day. Sunday looks like the sunnier, drier day.

We may approach 90 a few days next week, but looking out two weeks, a series of Canadian "fresh-front" invasions will take the edge off the heat. Most of America will bake, but not Minnesota. Grateful for that, too.