I hear the unkempt, windblown look is suddenly fashionable again, according to my sources on AOL. According to the Twin Cities National Weather Service, winds have gusted over 30 mph 18 of the last 20 days in April. Friday saw a gust to 46 at MSP. Tropical storm force.

What may have been the last spasm of winter, a winter that was fairly easy, will ease Sunday with sunshine and 60 degrees by late afternoon. Winds will blow from the northwest at 10-20 mph. Breezy, but you should remain upright while outside.

I see a conga line of big, sloppy southern storms the next 10 days. Expect showers late Monday and again Tuesday from a clipper-like system. More significant storms are spin up late Thursday into the weekend, and models hint at another 1-2″ of rain by the end of April. Just remember that April showers bring Mayflowers (the moving trucks).

Drought should continue to fade. And after a few quiet years I'm betting on a more active severe weather season, which peaks in June and July. Stay tuned.