$850,000: Annual base salary for Coyle.


5: Years of Coyle’s deal, which expires on June 30, 2021.


2: New “no-post” administrative hires given to Coyle in his first 12 months, meaning he can bring in two people without a standard search.


8: Season tickets to every Gophers team that charges admission.


$4.25 million: What the U would owe him if he was fired tomorrow without just cause. His buyout is his full remaining base salary, and it decreases every year by $850,000. But he also would owe the U the full remaining base salary amount left on his deal if he terminates the contract.


$500,000: Amount of a buyout to Syracuse, Coyle’s previous employer, that the U will pay on Coyle’s behalf.


$25,000: Maximum yearly amount he is allowed for university related personal travel for his family, friends and business associates to U athletic events.