Zach Vraa hoisted up a slice of an ice cream sandwich so heavy, it was like launching a brick toward his face. In Nikki Miraflor’s valiant effort to consume an entire piece, she had melted ice cream dripping down over her black-polished nails.

This was no ordinary ice cream sandwich.

The new Seventh Street Truck Park’s biggest, baddest menu item is a 15-pound cookie and ice cream monster. It’s made with two pizza-sized cookies from T-Rex (already known for pushing cookie-size limits in their regular offerings). The 1-inch-thick cookies weigh in at 5 pounds each. Two of those are sandwiched around 5 different scoops of Sebastian Joe’s ice cream, at 1 pound each.

This mega-dessert is the latest over-the-top food to be featured in our Outta Control video series. Watch past videos about a flaming cocktail here and another on a hot dog topped with hot dish here.

Brian Ingram, chief operations officer of Seventh Street Truck Park (214 7th St. W., St. Paul), came up with the idea for the 15-pound ice cream sandwich almost as a team-building opportunity for guests.

“I wanted Truck Park to be a gathering place,” Ingram said. “This was really just about bringing people together who are trying to tackle something.”

He just never expected it to be so popular. The food truck-themed dining hall sells about a dozen a week.

Ingram sees business groups coming in for the $99 sandwich from the nearby Saint Paul RiverCentre, plus family reunions and wedding parties. He expects it to take off even more once the holiday party season kicks in. (The whole shebang can be packed up to go for outside parties.)

Though the ice cream sandwich is served whole, people often send it back after taking their photos to have it sliced up into as many as 40 pieces.

But there are plenty of small groups of friends, optimistic that they can tackle such a beast. Like Vraa, of St. Paul, Miraflor and Lamar Roberts, both of Minneapolis.

They came hungry for an ice cream sandwich built out of sea salt caramel and s’mores cookies, filled with Sebastian Joe’s scoops of Oreo, vanilla, Nicollet Ave. pothole, cappuccino and chocolate chip pretzel. The three Twin Cities food Instagrammers tried heartily to each finish an eighth of the sandwich. As the rest of it melted, a top wedge of cookie floated away on a pool of melted ice cream.


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