Some interesting nuggets from David Aldridge, writing for, on the Timberwolves. First:

I’m hearing that (Arnie) Kander, who resigned in Detroit in June after 23 years there as one of the best body mechanics in the league, will be joining the Timberwolves in a new capacity in September.

That would be a pretty key hire considering the team’s injury woes in recent seasons. Some of the injuries were unavoidable (like Kevin Martin breaking a bone), but it’s conceivable some could be helped by different training. I’m always leery of stories like this and too much being made of conditioning hires, but Kander’s reputation (and also the fact that he worked with Flip in Detroit) is key.

Second: Aldridge writes that the Wolves had the fourth-best offseason among all the teams in the NBA:

The Wolves still need to get some gray hairs and scars on their collective roster before one can feel confident in their abilities to navigate the West, but the injection of quality talent in the last 12 months should be very encouraging for the 612.

Basically, Aldridge is lending a strong national voice to what many in Minnesota think. But it is surely nice for Wolves fans to hear it all the same.

Read here his full top 10 and other comments on the Wolves..

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