– er, coverage.

We think he was trying to say “coverage” before he just gave up mid-tweet.

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” Donald Trump tweeted shortly after miidnight ET.


Despite the constant negative press covfefe

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 31, 2017


As of this writing the tweet has been up for more than an hour, despite seemingly everyone on Twitter making fun of it.

The confusing, misspelled message sparked an immediate “WTF?!?” reaction from social media, catapulting “covfefe” to the top of the Twitter trends as people tried to figure out what on earth it meant.

“Quick, someone grab him by the #covfefe and end this madness,” one user said.

Someone even used it as inspiration to launch a GoFundMe campaign. “On May 30th, Donald Trump created “covfefe,” and no one has any idea as to what it means. As “covfefe” spreads across the world, let’s raise awareness for Trump’s stupid tweets and raise money for Planned Parenthood!” the person wrote.

See some of the funniest tweets below.


#covfefe is top trending ???? How is his tweet still up? @kathygriffin what did you do? ????

— Kori #Resists (@kori_resists) May 31, 2017


We need more #covfefe pic.twitter.com/Sql7LnfkGc

— ItsAllRealiTV (@itsallrealitv) May 31, 2017


#covfefe me like you mean it! pic.twitter.com/GtyNJBkcZz

— Suchitra Webster (@hingwesu) May 31, 2017


I just said this was petty but damnit the interwebs have made this funny. I just hope he didn't have a stroke mid-sentence. #covfefe

— GoalDee (@Ashinod2) May 31, 2017


Uh, paging the social media lead behind @MerriamWebster… You will get a raise only if you cleverly respond within the hour. #covfefe pic.twitter.com/5Kg0mwbqpG

— jennifer lai (@jennxlai) May 31, 2017


maybe he's born with it

maybe it's #covfefe pic.twitter.com/MK0f3DcDLz

— Nana Manika (@olivia_vivienne) May 31, 2017


New York's newest nightclub is #covfefe pic.twitter.com/WnNvTKgWD7

— Ryan Kirby (@thatswhatrysaid) May 31, 2017


Spicer tomorrow explaining the #covfefe tweet… pic.twitter.com/wERlJOgFCP

— 5 Calls ???????? (@make5calls) May 31, 2017


Quick, someone grab him by the #covfefe and end this madness

— Peter Siesennop (@petersiesennop) May 31, 2017


I'm raising money for Save the #Covfefe. Click to Donate: https://t.co/xDgg74fP15 via @gofundme

— emily (@treklock) May 31, 2017


What if #covfefe is a command to unleash his storied bot army?

— Tim Owens (@DoubleOughtSven) May 31, 2017




How can any of us go to sleep until he deletes that tweet? Guess I'll put on a pot of #covfefe

— Sarah Colonna (@sarahcolonna) May 31, 2017


"What is your name, oh beautiful orb?"

"My name is unpronounceable in your earth tongue. But call me #covfefe" pic.twitter.com/D6tP0Ulzsn

— Oliver Willis (@owillis) May 31, 2017


Wants to fall asleep but also wants to find out what #covfefe means….. pic.twitter.com/NRgdOZqCOP

— Jenna The Feminist (@J_boo22) May 31, 2017


We are desperately hoping #covfefe is not a code to launch the nukes. If it is, it’s been fun. Later.

— Rogue NASA (@RogueNASA) May 31, 2017


Cut to @SeanSpicer tomorrow: "I think what the President meant by #Covfefe is very clear. Only the dishonest media is making this a thing."

yvette nicole brown (@YNB) May 31, 2017


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