(Update at the bottom) You may remember our Upload post last week about Torii Hunter's claim that a member of the Twins declined to pinch hit for Jason Kubel during a 2004 American League Divisional Series game against the Yankees.

Manager Ron Gardenhire and others called BS on Hunter.

Today, Torii reported via Twitter that the security alarm at his California home went off and members of the Newport Beach police department drew their guns on him "because they didn't believe I lived here."

Around 6 p.m. central time, Hunter tweeted: "My alarm went off in my house while I was in it. 20mins later I saw cops checking out the scene. Went outside and they drew there guns on me."

For those of you who don't want to jump to Torii's Twitter feed, his next two tweets read: "They didn't believe I lived here in Newport coast so they walked me upstairs at gunpoint to get my ID."

Then: "When I showed him my ID, he said I'm an angel fan hope u guys have a great season. ARE U KIDDING ME!!!!!! Lol"

According to a story posted on the Corona Del Mar Today website: "Police spokeswoman Kathy Lowe confirmed that police responded to an alarm call at his residence about 2:45 p.m." In her email, Lowe said: "'Officers made contact with the resident at the location and cleared the call ‘unfounded,’ "

We can only imagine what next week will bring for Hunter. The one thing we know for sure is he'll be here in the Twin Cities when the Twins open their home schedule against the Angels.

The next time you read about Torii, we're hoping it's just an ordinary baseball story.


Wait, there's an update. A newer Hunter tweet: "Gunpoint might have been a little extreme. Just guns drawn pointing down."

Anyone else waiting for the tweet where the cop asks for an autograph?

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