Q: I was a big fan of the original "Equalizer." I recently saw part of an episode of another version that featured a largely Black cast, including the title character, and was set in Europe. Can you tell me anything about this? Was it a series, and where can I find it?

A: For those of you tuning in late, "The Equalizer" was originally a series on CBS from 1985 to 1989. Edward Woodward starred as the title character, named Robert McCall, for most of the run. Richard Jordan played another character helping with the equalizing for a time when Woodward had to lighten his schedule following a heart attack.

In 2014, the series' concept was reworked for an "Equalizer" movie starring Denzel Washington, with the new character again called Robert McCall. A sequel, "The Equalizer 2," followed in 2018; that movie was set partly in Europe, and I suspect that is what you saw. Both of those movies have been released on DVD and Blu-ray and other formats. In February of this year, a new television series with the "Equalizer" title premiered on CBS. It stars Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall. You can find episodes streaming on the Paramount+ subscription service, on demand and on CBS on Sunday nights.

No longer a 'Resident'

Q: Do you know why Mina left "The Resident"?

A: Fans were surprised when Dr. Mina Okafor left the show's Atlanta setting to return to Nigeria. But it is what Shaunette Renee Wilson, who played Mina on Fox's medical drama, wanted. Her widely reported statement said: "After deeply thoughtful reflection, I approached the producers some time ago asking to leave the show and they agreed — and gave my character a wonderful sendoff. I am appreciative of them for allowing me to embody as beautiful of a soul as Dr. Mina Okafor. I would also like to thank the studio, network, cast, crew and, most of all, the wonderfully dedicated fans of 'The Resident' for their support over the last four seasons." And, as TVLine reported, the show has left the door open if Wilson wants to return sometime.

'Troubleshooters' didn't last long

Q: In the early '60s there was a show with Keenan Wynn in which he played a worker in a construction business. Can you find out what the name of it was?

A: I think you are remembering "The Troubleshooters," a half-hour adventure series on NBC in 1959-60. According to the reference "Total Television," Wynn and Bob Mathias (yes, the Olympics decathlon champ) played "a pair of construction engineers who traveled the world troubleshooting problems for their company."

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