Earlier this week, the Twins held a food tasting for the media to show off the new concessions available at Target Field this season. It's an annual event designed to generate some buzz for people who are interested in what's available beyond the baseball game.

Reporter Sharyn Jackson added this to her story: "Prices were not available as of Tuesday afternoon, and a Twins representative said they wouldn’t be coming out until Wednesday. So don’t blame us if you wind up paying $34 for a sandwich."

You won't pay $34 for a sandwich.

But you will pay $27 if you want the 24-inch "Boomstick chili dog," named in honor of the new Twins designated hitter Nelson Cruz. In other words, the Twins could cover Cruz' 2019 salary of $14 million by selling 518,518 Boomsticks.

The Twins also showed off some shareable boards available at the Bat and Barrel, the right-field restaurant and bar that used to be the Metropolitan Club. Those are $36 each, but intended for more than one person.

The rest of the new food concession prices are here.

A few other concession highlights:

There's $2 pop and $4 hot dogs at a couple of "family-friendly" concession stands, which feature smaller sizes for smaller prices.

The boneless wings (barbecue or Buffalo) are $9.50, the same prices as last year. Pointing these out because they're available at many locations throughout the ballpark and are a personal favorite in the not-that-good-for-you category of fried foods. (And, yes, we're willing to try the Chicken and Waffle Cone for $10.50, with the "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" caveat.)

Staying warm tip: The wild rice soup is $7 a bowl and the hot chocolate is $3.50 per cup, the latter a price that's stayed the same for five years. Staying healthy tip: Salads run from $8 to $13. Here's that menu.

Polish sausage and Italian sausage are $8 each. The upgrades, at the Kramarczuk's stands, are $9.50. Those prices are 50 cents more than last year.

In addition to the Twins price guide, the most comprehensive guide to pricing comes from Minneapolis megablogger David Brauer, who tracks prices changes, as well as items that have disappeared from Target Field. RIP: Kurd-Marczuk, it's probably good we didn't know you well. (Don't go looking for the pita and hummus, either.)

Here's the Brauer list, complete with his commentary. It's good to see his speculation, which we share, over whether the Boomstick's price will drop, similar to the jerseys of departed players being discounted, if the Twins aren't contenders and "Boomstick Cruz" is part of a late-season salary purge.

Even then, would you buy the $27 chili dog at 50 percent off?

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