Rocket called not too long ago wondering exactly what the heck happened in the Twins game. Apparently from the bits and pieces he was picking up, the Twins blew the game, which was almost accurate.

He was talking, though, to the wrong person. Well, sort of. See, we didn't see any of the game. At least not on TV. We're working a later day in the office, and we had one of those moments of paralysis around 11:20 a.m. where we couldn't decide whether we were going to go to the gym and run 7 miles so we could watch part of the Twins game or run 7 miles outside. We eventually packed a bag and set out for the club. But upon stepping outside, we realized it was completely glorious outside. We had just assumed it was ridiculously hot, like the rest of the week has been. Then we got in the car and heard it was 4-0 Twins already. The rationale at that point: they would either cruise from there, or they would do something so maddening we wouldn't want to see it. So we literally turned around after two blocks, parked the car, brought our stuff upstairs, and went outside for the run.

By the time we got back, showered and checked the score, it was around 1 p.m. and the Twins were up 6-0 in the 8th inning. Perfect, we thought. Didn't miss a thing. We did an interview from home for a story for later in the week. We ate lunch. At around 1:30, we checked again. It was 6-6. We furiously checked GameCast for the history of what happened. We left it there for the duration.

And that is how we were able to tell Rocket that Kevin Slowey was cruising until the eighth. Even when he left, the lead was reasonably safe. But then the whole Ron Mahay/Jason Bartlett thing happened. We might have mentioned Ron Gardenhire at the same time. We might have given each of those three men an unprintable middle name in the retelling of the story of the 8th inning. ... And then you will never see a stranger sight on GameCast than watching the little "ball" go straight up in the air (cursing the whole time, mind you), then seeing the Twins' scoreboard flip from 6 to 7 ... then seeing Jason Kubel credited with an infield single that somehow sent Delmon Young to third base. But we were able to piece it all together later on Twitter. It hit the catwalk. Of course.

And Rocket is lucky. Because somehow, through all the swears, the story apparently made sense to him.

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