Subscription good way to dip toe in VR

Sling TV recently introduced an app for Oculus Go that allows users to watch content through the VR goggles.

First, the Oculus Go. To start streaming, you need one of the headsets, which start at $199.

The Oculus Go is completely wireless. Charge up the internal battery, power it up and connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and you are ready to jump into VR.

The Go is a stationary VR experience, meaning you can turn around and see 360 degrees, but you can’t walk around inside the VR experience. This is a limitation of the hardware.

It also makes the Go a “sit-down” VR experience, with one of the best features the ability to watch videos. It takes about three hours to charge the Go, and you will get around two hours of gaming or 2.5 hours of video watching on a full charge.

The Go has a built-in microphone and small speakers that work well. The sound is pretty good, but anyone else in the room will hear it also.

There is a headphone jack if you prefer to use your own earphones (which is recommended).

Sling isn’t the only one with an app for this. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Oculus TV also work with the Go.

With the Sling experience, it seemed like being transported to a movie theater with an 180-inch screen. A handheld controller that comes with the Go is used to select shows, and the interface was easy enough to use.

The Sling/Oculus Go experience would be a great way to spend some screen time when you are stuck in an airport or in any other small space where watching a traditional TV is not convenient.

The limits of the Oculus Go’s screen resolution are obvious. This isn’t a 4K viewing experience, but it is comfortable to watch, and the sound is pretty good.

And watch out for some dizziness that can come with VR experiences.

Another downside: Battery life. Some long movies could not be watched through to the end on one battery charge.

But for the money, the Oculus Go and Sling is a great way to get your feet wet in virtual reality.

Be on the lookout for Oculus’ next headset, the Oculus Quest, which promises the power and experience of the Rift — a more advanced VR system — with the mobility of the Go.

The Quest will be available later this year for $399.