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What's inside 'The Box'?

In "The Box," Richard Kelly's adaptation of a Richard Matheson story, NASA scientist Arthur Lewis (James Marsden) and his wife, Norma (Cameron Diaz), receive a box with a red button. Later, they're visited by a man (Frank Langella) whose impeccable manners and soft-spoken erudition can almost make Norma forget that half his face has been demolished. He informs her that if she and Arthur press the button, someone in the world -- someone they don't know -- will die, and they will receive $1 million. Kelly treats what is essentially a Stanford University psychology experiment with inflated somberness. It ends up as a sophomorically obvious sermon about greed and altruism. The DVD and Blu-ray (Warner, $29-$36) include an interview with Matheson.


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This one's a real puzzle

Players who love puzzle giants "Tetris" and "Lumines" probably also will love "Chime" ($5 download for Xbox 360 via Xbox Live; rated Everyone), which takes portions of both games, mixes in some tangrams, and emerges with something serenely unique. Those looking to tackle all five levels with 100 percent completion will be shocked to find out just how entertainingly tall an order that turns out to be.


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