One of the most interesting — though maybe not surprising given the timing — bits of information from Sid Hartman's recent interview with Wolves owner Glen Taylor is that GM Scott Layden, not Tom Thibodeau, is handling the day-to-day calls with other teams regarding a Jimmy Butler trade.

"What I said to him in the meantime is our GM, Scott Layden, will be talking to other teams to see if there is a trade that works," Taylor said when asked what he and Butler talked about in a recent meeting.

This makes sense because Thibodeau will have more than enough to keep him busy as the head coach (particularly given that the Wolves are playing catch-up with their chemistry after Butler was absent most of training camp).

But if there has been a sense that Thibodeau, in his role as president of basketball operations, was in charge of this deal throughout camp, that sense has changed now.

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