The good news for Brian Dozier is that he has a chance at making the American League All-Star team through the Final Vote online. The bad news: No Twins player has ever won the Final Vote voting.

Lew Ford finished fourth in 2004; Torii Hunter was third in 2005; Francisco Liriano was second in 2006, when the player he was traded for, A.J. Pierzynski, won behind the White Sox’s “Punch A.J.” campaign; Pat Neshek was third in 2007 and Delmon Young finished last in 2010.

Liriano did make the 2006 game as an injury replacement, though.


QUITE A STORM Royals catcher Salvador Perez posted on Instagram video of the dugout at Kauffman Stadium gushing with water Monday.


QUITE A STORM, II Texas A&M had to reinforce one end of its football stadium after the stands shifted due to the techno-music staple “Sandstorm.”