The Gophers men’s basketball team started 0-5 in the Big Ten before getting its first conference win Saturday. Minnesota is still in a large hole; the silver lining is that the Gophers’ upcoming slate of games offers a chance to climb out.

Minnesota’s next four opponents, starting Tuesday at Nebraska, all have losing Big Ten records. And after that, the Gophers are at home against Purdue in another winnable game.

The flip side is all of those teams will be looking at the Gophers as a “could win” game as well. But the bottom line is Minnesota’s season isn’t sunk quite yet.

Truly amazing: Seattle’s win probability, per, was less than 1 percent with 5 minutes remaining Sunday.


Net gain of zero: The Nationals will reportedly try to trade a top starting pitcher after signing Max Scherzer. This makes pitching sense how, exactly?