I'm the first to admit enjoying some good-natured (usually) fun when it comes to teasing Packers fans. But here we have an altogether different type of Packers story. One that is … nice? Heartwarming? Touching?

Yes, all of those things.

See, the family of longtime Packers fan Bill Snyder decided against a traditional obituary when he died recently. Instead, they took out an ad in Sunday's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in which they shared stories that mostly revolved around their dad's love of the Packers.

They specifically thanked several Packers players, including Brett Favre for "giving dad the single happiest moment of his life: 1997 Super Bowl, 54-yard pass to Andre Rison, touchdown. Our dad vaulted from his chair, fell to his knees, screamed to the heavens. In an instant, 30 years of belief were paid back in full."

It's just a really nice tribute to a guy and his love of football.

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