A three-sport athlete who also plays soccer and softball, Steele recently scored a career-high 27 points in a victory over Heritage Christian Academy. The senior guard followed that up by scoring nine of her 15 points in overtime in a victory over St. Croix Prep.


Q: How long have you been a varsity basketball player?

A: This is my fifth year. I played in eighth grade but I didn’t start.


Q: Do you remember what [that] was like?

A: Yes! It’s a big difference from when I was in eighth grade. It’s pretty cool to see their reactions to new things and see them learning. I love that I’m able to teach them.


Q: Did you have a role model on the team?

A: Cara Lutes. She was such a great athlete. She inspired me, for sure.


Q: You have a new coach, Amanda Jensen, this season. How have things progressed?

A: It’s going really good. We’re enjoying the new coaching style and working with the youngsters. It’s a lot better than last year.


Q: Are there many seniors besides yourself?

A: We only have two seniors, me and Val Hohol. We try to lead by example.


Q: What happened last year?

A: We had a rough start. We lost our first 10 games. It was a struggle.


Q: What is better this year?

A: I see a lot of confidence in the girls. They’re shooting more, driving more, contributing more.


Q: What is your best basketball memory?

A: This year, when Valerie scored her 1,000th point. I loved being there for her.


Q: How many career points do you have?

A: I have no idea. I haven’t kept track of that.


Q: What is one thing you must do before you take the court?

A: Before every game, I eat a Snickers bar. I’ve done that for the past four years.