I recently launched an online fitness business that will help mommies lose baby weight from the comfort of their home. What are some ways I can reach my target market — moms?

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If you know new mothers are your target, the first thing you should do is prepare to greet them with relevant material. A visit to your site reveals videos of men doing exercises, and relatively little information regarding the “mommy” target.

Assuming you have those changes in the works, dozens of communities and blogs can be found regarding all imaginable phases of parenthood, from conception to managing teens and college students. Your job will be to assess which point, in the life cycle of a mom, represents the best time to engage attention.

For instance, among the many pregnancy-focused communities, few are likely to have strings of conversation about losing baby weight before delivery. In the “new mom” arena, the first few months may not be your sweet spot either. Leaning toward the end of the first year, or into toddlerhood, may provide a better opportunity.

But don’t just guess — you need to commit time and focus to become familiar with the conversations, and then begin to build a voice for your firm in the space. Take your time in doing this, and resist the temptation to start marketing too quickly. Be respectful and consistent to create the reputation necessary to start infusing ties to your offering.

The other must-do item requires establishing your Search Engine Optimization strategy and maintaining a consistent monitoring and maintenance schedule to keep it in line with your target audience. Research is critical. Many businesses simply forge ahead based on the gut impulses of the marketing staff or senior leadership, which likely misses some or all of the nuances that turn marketing from good to great.

Invest the time and money to get to know your audience. You will reap the benefits later on.

About the author

Michael Porter is director of master’s in health care communications at the St. Thomas Opus College of Business.