On America's first Independence Day (July 4, 1776), the high in Philadelphia was 76 degrees. Coincidence? We know this because one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, bought a new thermometer. Jefferson made regular observations at Monticello from 1772-78. George Washington was also an amateur weather nerd, recording the weather in his diary right up until the day he died. In 1870, relying on telegraphed weather updates for military and commerce, President Ulysses Grant signed into law a new agency that would become the U.S. Weather Bureau. A tip of the hat to all the U.S. presidents who helped to advance the science of meteorology.

And no, spring is NOT right around the corner, but 30s will feel like a sweet revelation this week; 40s are possible Thursday and into Saturday. We cool off slightly next week (nothing subzero) before a more sustained push of Pacific warmth arrives in early March. Is the worst of winter behind us? Yes.

A few March Madness storms next month? Maybe. But don't hold your breath.