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Before becoming an aesthetician, Christina Schletty worked in healthcare. “I was raised in White Bear Lake with four siblings. My father was a single parent. We lost our mother to cancer at a very young age, so as the oldest girl in the family, I naturally took on the caretaking role,” she said. She worked with dementia and hospice patients, doing in-home care. “After 12 years, I got burned out.”

She went back to school at the Aveda Institute, becoming a licensed aesthetician. “Growing up I really struggled with acne and skin care issues, so I would try to educate myself,” Schletty recalled. “I think that’s where it really started. We learned everything from skin diseases to different types of skin issues that come up. We learned to do facials, waxing, makeup and pretty in-depth skin care.”

As graduation approached, Schletty said, “I was leaning toward facials. It’s so relaxing. But I’ve always been so good at waxing. I’d done my research on places that do waxing. European Wax Center had just amazing results. Doing my research on their products and the whole atmosphere, I just knew I wanted to start at the right company.” She started with the company in January 2014.

“Every day is different,” she said. “I can see from eight to 15 clients. It ranges from eyebrows to underarms and bikini waxes. I can’t pinpoint one service that’s super-popular.” Schletty said skin care provides “a kind of transformation” for clients. “You have that emotion. You feel so much better. I think that’s what drives me.”

All clients get a four-step process that includes initial skin cleaning, a protective oil to make sure the wax adheres to hair and not skin, the application of wax and a follow-up calming or ingrown hair cream. “It’s a comfort wax that’s nearly pain-free,” Schletty said. “It really attracts guests to come back, finding out that it isn’t quite as bad as they thought it would be.” Schletty also educates clients on at-home care.

“I definitely see more women,” Schletty said. “Maybe once a day I’ll see a man on my books. Men are feeling a lot more comfortable with eyebrow waxing, full back wax, shoulder wax. I think they do feel a little bit more comfortable knowing it’s a private setting, not out in the open.”

In addition to her work at EWC, Schletty said, “I still have a passion for working with handicapped adults too. I do overnights in a group home setting. I’ve been with the same company for seven years. It’s a good atmosphere for me.”

Why are you good at waxing?

I have more of a calming, relaxing personality. I don’t get too nervous about things, and if I do I can internalize it. Maybe I’m good at talking people through stressful situations, making sure to explain the whole process. I just tell them, “We’re going to get through this.” I’m their therapist/wax specialist.

What’s the best part of your job?

On a daily basis you’re seeing your guests come in and walk out happy, feeling good about coming back. It’s just a good, positive atmosphere, vs. a lot of people who are sick and sad. That can be a lot more draining.

What’s your career path?

EWC just keeps growing. They had 500 locations, now it’s over 700. There’s room for growth within the company. At this point I’m very happy with where I’m at. □