At this point, the only logical way to guess at what sports figure might be next to cross our borders and join a major team is to look at who the absolute least plausible candidates are.

After all, that would have been the way to do it a few years back with Brett Favre and Randy Moss. No way, no how, right? Well, it happened. And we threw in Jim Thome, former Twin killer and longtime division rival, just for good measure. So who's next? (Note: Please don't take any of this too seriously).

*Lou Holtz. Why wouldn't the 73-year-old former Gophers football coach come back here to finish what he started? Let's say Tim Brewster is shown the exit at the end of this season. Given current trends, is there any reason not to fully expect ol' Lou to walk through that Dinkytown door as a short-term turnaround man?

*Aaron Rodgers. At the end of this season, it will be clear: The Vikings have no real plan to pass the ball in 2011, and the Packers have no real plan to run the ball. Megadeal, AP for AR, straight up.

*Todd Bertuzzi. One of the only real villains (aside from the Dallas Stars organization) the Wild has ever drummed up. Why wouldn't he join them at some point?

*Stephon Marbury. He burned bridges. He's playing in China. The Wolves are already overloaded at point guard. It sounds perfect.

*A.J. Pierzynski. This one might take a little while. But give it a few years, to the time A.J. is ready for a reduced role and Joe Mauer is ready to start playing half his games at DH or another position aside from catcher. Then gasp as you cheer for a Pierzynski home run at Target Field.

Please take a stab at this in the comments ...