We'll post a fairly entertaining and informative video of MarQueis Gray leading a tour of the Gophers' football complex below (via Golden Gopher Gridiron).

First, a quick thought: Gray, from what we've seen and read so far, seems to be an engaging and likable athlete. We all know that local sports teams have been struggling quite thoroughly. We also know three of the athletes with the most star power -- Joe Mauer, Adrian Peterson and Kevin Love -- are all playing for losing teams and are either facing the prospect of a prolonged labor stoppage or are in the midst of a long leg weakness stoppage. There is no face of the Wild right now. Ditto for Gophers men's hoops and hockey.

We'd say MarQueis Gray has a great chance to emerge and own this town in the fall if he rides the wave of Jerry Kill improvement, dynamic playmaking and his own charisma.

Anyway, just a thought.

We'd also like to take this time to publicly try to engage Gray in a race to 2,500 Twitter followers. True, we are up about 100 right now (2,172 to 2,076). But come on: Gray is a college football player, he's active (and often funny) on Twitter, and his growth potential has to be considered higher than ours. We anxiously await his response.

Now: The video