Reorg boost

Walt Disney Co. climbed 3.2% to $128.96 Tuesday after it announced a major reorganization of its company to focus on Disney Plus and its other streaming services. Shares closed Friday at $126.81.

Coming up short?

Loop Industries fell 32% to $7.91 Tuesday after short seller Hundenburg Research questioned the company’s claims of a plastics recycling breakthrough, calling the technology a “fiction.” Shares closed the week at $7.84.

Falling short

Fastly plunged 27.6% to $89.24 Thursday after the cloud computing company trimmed its Q3 sales forecast and withdrew full-year guidance, citing lower-than-expected usage of its cloud services by its largest customer, believed to be TikTok. Shares, which had increased more than 500% so far this year, closed the week at $84.67.

No sail

Royal Caribbean Group fell 9.7% to $63.07 Tuesday after it said it would suspend all departures from Australia and New Zealand until 2021. Shares closed Friday at $58.83.

Falling short

Bank of America fell 4.1% to $23.93 Wednesday after reporting quarterly earnings that fell short of expectations. Shares closed the week at $24.24.

I will have what he’s having

Dillard’s jumped 32.6% to $ 55.79 Monday after an investing associate of Warren Buffett disclosed a 6% personal stake in the struggling retailer. Shares closed the week at $50.89.


Bed Bath & Beyond rose 8.1% to $23.93 Wednesday on news it had sold assets for $250 million. Shares closed the week at $24.83.

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