Former Vikings offensive coordinator and now heartaching Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell will go on to become an NFL head coach within a couple of years.

His body of work from Brett Favre to Russell Wilson is too strong to suggest that one play — even one that resulted in a game-losing interception on the goal line in the closing seconds of the Super Bowl — will overshadow years of progress, success and last year's Super Bowl victory.

Anyway, I can't recall a worse play call in a moment as critical as what happened last night in the Super Bowl.

Carroll said he made the decision to throw the ball.

"I said 'Throw the ball,'" he said. "So we went to the play we thought would give us a chance to get in the end zone."

Bevell said he made the actual play call and noted, when asked, that Carroll obviously has the power to change it.

I never like going down the road of criticizing a play call that doesn't work. But in this case, even if this one had worked out, I still would have been amazed by how unnecessary the risk was considering the running back who was on the field.

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