If you've been paying attention at all this summer in Minneapolis, you've noticed two things: an unusual amount of rain and an extraordinary amount of bad baseball.

We've had a staggering number of heavy rains. And we've watched the Twins pile up 100 losses (and counting).

If you've thought about the two of those things together, you might have been thinking: Doesn't it seem like it's been raining an awful lot when the Twins are at home?

During a wet summer, that's only natural. But in looking a little bit harder at the data, we also can conclude that the Twins have been pretty unlucky when it comes to the worst of the weather.

According to Heather Rule's calculations on Twitter, the Twins have had 11 rain delays and three full postponements this season at Target Field.

Looking at the full season, there's also this: by my calculations, using data from Weather Underground (thanks to WCCO's Matt Brickman for the help) there have been 41 days between April 1 and Sept. 25 in the Twin Cities in which at least 0.2 inches of rain have fallen.

On 23 of those days, the Twins had a scheduled home game.

On 16 of those days, the Twins had a scheduled road game.

On two of those days, the Twins had a scheduled off day.

Even if it didn't specifically rain during the game in each case, bad weather certainly influences attendance. And there have been two particularly sad/comical stretches of poor weather.

• Between the end of May and the end of July, the Twins played 10 home series. In nine of those series, there was at least one scheduled game in which it rained at least 0.2 inches on that date.

• September has been particularly brutal. The Twin Cities have had at least 0.2 inches of rain during six of the Twins' last 11 scheduled home dates. And for as lousy as the weather has been lately, it looks like it is going to be beautiful for most of this week — when the Twins end the year on the road.

Then there's this: in a far less scientific rendering of the weather, WCCO (again, our guy Brickman and his crew) likes to hand out "Top 10 weather days" in the metro area. While I don't profess to know exactly what goes into the ''official'' designation of these days, I do know this:

There have been a total of seven "top 10 weather days" in the Twin Cities during this baseball season (see #top10wxday on Twitter if you've never participated in this phenomenon).

The Twins have been at Target Field for just two of those seven (and in one of those, Sept. 1, they were competing against the State Fair, the Gophers' opener, a Vikings preseason game, high school football and more). Seriously, I hope you guys enjoyed May 21 when the Twins hosted Toronto for a 1:10 p.m. game on a top-10 weather day. Weather Underground reminds us it was 80 degrees that day without even a trace of rain.

So the Twins have caught most of the rain and missed most of the truly glorious days. That doesn't explain 100 losses, but it sure made them a little bit more miserable.