Amy Poehler

Then: A "Saturday Night Live" standout best known for anchoring "Weekend Update."

Now: A three-time Golden Globes co-host — and one-time winner — who also serves as executive producer for cult favorite "Broad City."

Up next: Co-starring with gal pal Tina Fey in big-budget comedy "Sisters," due in December.

Chris Pratt

Then: A little-known actor with a supporting role in TV drama "Everwood."

Now: A massive movie star who headlined "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "The Lego Movie," two of 2014's biggest hits.

Up next: Reboot man. In addition to starring in "Jurassic World," rumors are that he'll be cast in "Indiana Jones 5" and a new version of "The Magnificent Seven."

Rashida Jones

Then: A temptation for Jim Halpert on "The Office."

Now: An in-demand player both in front of and behind the camera, especially after co-writing 2012's "Celeste and Jesse Forever."

Up next: Supposedly working on a script for "Toy Story 4," due in 2017.

Aziz Ansari

Then: Created MTV cult sensation "The Human Giant."

Now: Popular stand-up comedian who sells out shows across the country.

Up next: "Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden" drops on Netflix March 6.

Nick Offerman

Then: Occasional appearances on series like "Gilmore Girls" and "The West Wing."

Now: In demand for his one-man show "American Ham" — and his canoe-building skills.

Up next: National variety-show tour with wife Megan Mullally, launching in April.

Aubrey Plaza

Then: A performer for Upright Citizens Brigade, where Poehler got her start.

Now: Indie-film favorite with roles in "Safety Not Guaranteed" and "The To Do List."

Up next: A slew of movies including Emilio Estevez's "The Public" and "Dirty Grandpa," with Robert De Niro.

Neal Justin