tracyclaeysThere is nothing funny about multiple people losing their jobs, as was the case when Gophers head coach Tracy Claeys and most of his assistants were fired this week. Yes, they will all be compensated this year and should be fine. But their lives have been changed forever.

But please allow me just the tiniest chuckle upon the recent realization that there is more than one Tracy Claeys in this world. The other one — at least the only other one I know of — has the Twitter handle @TracyClaeys. Her bio identifies her as a mom, pharmacist and 4-H leader in Manitoba (and her picture shows her paddling a boat, which is almost too perfect when it comes to Claeys’ potential successor P.J. Fleck and his “row the boat” mantra).

Plenty of people have been tweeting at Tracy up in Manitoba thinking they are getting through to the ex-Gophers coach (who in fact used the @GoldenGopherHFC handle). She has politely told all of them some form of “wrong account, I don’t coach football.” In one response, she even said of the confusion “so far it’s amusing.”

Figuring she might be up for a chat about the amusement, I reached out to the other Tracy Claeys about a potential interview. “Sorry, not going to be able to do that,” she wrote back.

Oh well. I promise to leave you alone now, Tracy in Stonewall, Manitoba. We hope this post will help clear up confusion once and for all.

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