The 'Royals internet' didn't take kindly to its team playing putrid baseball and getting swept by the Twins this week.

Let's see some of what was being said:

Not only did the Royals get swept in their first series of the 2017 season, but they got swept by the freaking Minnesota Twins. The Twins lost over 100 games last year and are not going to be a good team this year yet they just handed it to the Royals.  Three games is nothing to sweat about, but the way the Kansas City Royals are losing games so far, fans have a right to be pissed. This isn’t okay for a team that just won the World Series two seasons ago. They shouldn’t be dropping off this quickly. What do you think, Royals fans? Is it time to panic?  --  KC Kingdom blog

“It’s not the way you want to start,” said Royals left fielder Alex Gordon, who finished 1 for 12 in the series. “If it’s the middle of the season, maybe the feelings are a little bit different. It’s never easy to take when you get swept, especially to start off a season. It’s frustrating.” As the Royals packed for Houston, where they will begin a series with the Astros on Friday, the frustration was not confined to one corner of the clubhouse or one part of the club. The Twins, a team that lost 103 games last season, had outplayed the Royals in “all phases of the game,” Gordon said. That alone was disappointing. -- Kansas City Star

Sure is a lot emptier in here with people already predicting 0-162 on the season. -- Royals Review reader comments.

This doesn’t have to be a big deal. The highest level of baseball is the longest grind in American sports, 162 games that can feel like forever, and this one will find its rhythm. Royals GM Dayton Moore is among the baseball people who believe you need at least 40 games to have any credible feeling about what a particular team has or doesn’t, and the Royals won’t hit that mark until May 17. But the Royals will also be hyperconscious about preventing this from being a theme. The organization that changed the meaning of “process” several times in Kansas City may be quicker to try different solutions to this particular challenge. -- Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star columnist

The Royals shouldn’t do anything rash after three games. A good weekend and we could all have completely forgotten this by Monday. But they shouldn’t be complacent either. That was some ugly baseball and looming next are the Astros, who are almost certainly a good team. The Royals certainly aren’t sunk, but it would be nice to see the boat start moving before we take on too much water. -- Max Rieper, Royals review blog

Of course, what is supposed to happen isn’t always what does happen. Royals fans screaming about getting no respect were given something to think about in this series. -- Ken Almquist, KC Kingdon blog.

This is no time for Twins fans to become smug, with exactly 53/54ths of the season still to be played. But let's allow ourselves to have a little bit of fun and amend the above sentence: With 53/54th of the regular season still to be played.

If nothing else, it's fun for Twins fans to see the pain being felt someplace else for now.

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