PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA -- It's Wednesday afternoon, I'm still groggy and I'm wearing two watches.

Greetings from the Winter Olympics!

Team Strib -- Rachel Blount, photogtrapher Carlos Gonzalez and myself -- arrived last night after a 25-hour travel day. Minus from some anxious moments in Seattle when we had to sprint to catch our flight to Seoul after a delay in Minneapolis (thank you Delta for waiting for us knowing we're not as fast running through a terminal as we once were), the trip went rather smoothly.

The volunteers here are incredibly nice and welcoming and helpful. Everything so far has been top notch in terms of logistics.

We are 15 hours ahead of Twin Cities time, hence my two watches. I'm old school. I still like to look at my watch, not phone, to see the time. I also don't want to subtract 15 hours in my head every time I need to know the time back home. So I bought a digital watch set to Twin Cities time that I plan to wear the next three weeks. Who knows, maybe I'll start a new fashion trend.

OK maybe not.

Today is a chance for us to get acclimated. We have to get our Olympic internet package set up and we have press conferences in the Main Press Center with U.S. teams for biathlon, cross-country skiing and women's hockey.

I'll be writing my kickoff column and Rachel will have a main piece on the scene here as the Olympics set to get under way with the Opening Ceremony On Friday.

We will have tons of coverage online, in print and with blogs and twitter throughout the Games. We will focus heavily on the Minnesota contingent but also chronicle other athletes, events and stories of interest.

Let's have some fun.

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