Here's my view of replacements for Teddy Bridgewater:

Shaun Hill: No. Wasn't even considered a strong backup.

"Bretton ManFavre:" No, neither Peyton Manning nor Brett Favre is coming out of retirement.

Michael Vick: Not at his age, with his skill set, in this offense.

Colin Kaepernick: The Vikings aren't going to deal with him. (That's my guess, at least.)

T.J. Yates: Not a great player but better than Hill.

Josh McCown: Maybe the second-best available choice. Can stand in the pocket and throw downfield.

Mark Sanchez: Has taken defensive-minded teams to the playoffs before, but hard to get excited about.

And my top choice:

Mike Glennon: Young enough that he could still be something in this league. Strong arm. Able to push the ball downfield. NFL game experience. Pocket passer.