The Benq TK800 4K projector might make you rethink your next TV purchase.

The price is economical for the product, the image is bright and sharp (even if it is less than true 4K resolution), there’s a good remote.

The only drawback might be that it only has one high-speed HDMI port. It’s a good combination of price and image quality.

The biggest test was whether the Benq worked not in a true home theater without windows, but in a living or family room with windows.

Benq has been in the projector market for a while, and the company has a pretty good reputation. The TK800 is a new model with 3,000 lumens, and it is a lot brighter than last year’s Benq HT2550.

There’s also an Eco mode that turns down the lumens (a measure of brightness) to 1,147.

Although the TK800 image is better as the room darkens in the evening, it is very watchable during the daytime.

The TK800 has a single 5W speaker, which was fine for watching TV in my living room, but if the projector is behind your seating position, it is strange for the sound to be not coming from the screen. It certainly would be enhanced with true home theater speakers.

The TK800 was easy to set up, and the fan was not too noisy.

It has a maximum image size of 300 inches, but the projector itself only weighs 9.25 pounds, which would make it easy to take out to the backyard for movie night.

Thermacell radius zone $49.99

Repel pests with new technology

The Radius Zone is the first new product from Thermacell that does not use a butane cartridge to warm a pad. Instead, Thermacell researchers have figured out a way to lower the temperature to activate the insect repellent, so they can use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery instead of a tiny flame.

The Radius — which created a 15-foot-by-15-foot zone of coverage — uses the repellent in liquid form, instead of a pad. The repellent liquid is sold in drop-in cartridges that allow for 12 to 40 hours of active repelling.

The internal battery can power the Radius for six hours on a charge, and it can be charged from any USB port in about two hours.