Fiftythree pencil stylus


Stylish, yet versatile for drawing on an iPad

The stylus is popular because of its expressiveness and versatility. Resembling a carpenter’s pencil, the stylus has a tapered tip that allows for angled drawing without changing settings.

When used with FiftyThree’s free Paper sketching app for the iPad, Pencil offers a few extras, including palm rejection technology, which recognizes the difference between the Pencil and your hand, and a color blending feature. And there’s no need to switch tools to fix a mistake; just flip the stylus and start erasing.



Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard k480


Connect three devices, regardless of platform

If your work tends to spread out to more than one screen, you no longer have to be tech wizards to use several machines at once, thanks to the Logitech K480. It was designed for those who multi-task on multiple screens: computers, tablets and smartphones. The keyboard can be synced via Bluetooth to three devices at once, regardless of platform.

With a turn of the keyboard’s knob, users can move seamlessly from computer to mobile device. The K480’s full-size keyboard with raised keys makes typing feel more natural, and a slot holds phones and tablets. Logitech says the keyboard is intended for desktop use, but it is sturdy enough to toss in my backpack and take to a cafe.



T10i headphones


Customize both the sound and fit

If you’re trying to do work in noisy, shared space, consider the RHA T10i. Headphones help provide a little seclusion in a noisy world, but choosing a pair with the right sound and fit can be daunting. With the T10i in-ear headphones from the British headphone maker RHA, users can customize both.

The headphones’ drivers produce clear, detailed sound, and three interchangeable tuning filters allow users to adjust the bass or treble. They also have moldable ear hooks and a selection of 10 silicone and memory foam ear tips provide a secure, comfortable fit.