For those who need trivia about Minnesota egg production, the latest figures from USDA show that Minnesota chickens laid 259 million eggs in February, up 13 percent from February 2014.

Doing that work were 11.8 million layers. Each produced an average of 21.9 eggs that month, which of course had 28 days.

That may sound like a lot of eggs, but in fact Minnesota ranked 11th in the nation for both total egg production and “all layers on hand” in February, according to USDA.

Iowa ranked first, with flocks that produced 1.3 billion eggs that month.

The Minnesota Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota estimates on its website that caring for laying hens and producing eggs employs more than 2,900 people in Minnesota, and egg production is valued at nearly $168 million annually.

Some of the larger egg farms and production companies include Sparboe, Michael Foods Egg Products, Rembrandt Foods, Land O’Lakes, Cargill Kitchen Solutions, Mendelson Egg Company, Baer Brothers and Luoma Egg Ranch.

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